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Difficult to lock the emotion in the dream

Light crisp language, time flies, green jade water, the wind drop, song, read a dream, a mirage, full hand life word, heart withered flourish. Time laughing in the wind, the rain through the ages, lang rhetoric deep hurt, hate don't know, I don't know, that deep character is normal. Acacia tear heart carved dyed, fan to dream the future light, xiangshan night jade all painters, the setting sun is not hanging with of all ages. Revel in two phase from flowers, dust content is the hit, imposes no rain of heaven and earth, since ancient times for life sigh, red bean of buoyancy dye acacia, Dream beauty pro in the spring and autumn must survive. 
Day song song, the earth, if we say, hua yu, xiaolou shutter, empty screen dye, ageless fantasy setting sun, close the door, miss, who can read but, looking back at the wind someone, empty disconsolate, past each other, the setting sun who HuaQiang, a drop of ink and a statue of wine, river's lake in my life, over the plain, not too many, but few distractions, lotus laugh YingMen, drops of double vertical parting dreams, residual soul singing, broken spirit song, a song of visitors do try, it's ok, it's ok, thousands of ancient one gate atrial drunk desire, empty acacia fee aimlessly. 
Knot of zen, kiang wu shui storm, east water, smile walk, who get pretty pillow in the spring and autumn, shy, the night the patter screen leakage, water bridge ", qianshan mountain monastery, thousands of the door, a thought, patches of fly patches of affection, the hook hang seng, a dream, the hang seng flow east ask life light, the night tears true, deep, changes in temperature of the four seasons is not hate, little frequency, and drops, tender a no wan li, the world of mortals smile, looking back at cold outside is not I have, empty pinglan qian tao hillock, v., silent cry, sit ask hope in vega, cowherd was. 
Zen mountain dream, enlightenment, buddhist purity, kindness, bodhisattva once water wall, round eyes, aristocrats and crisp red XiaoKou, weave, lei day, hold the night dawn, small shallow shallow edge word, a heavy tears will spend life and story one light, affectionate snacks, cooling once, be good, be scattered loose mood, leave sad, empty telescopic, coming off silent, a Sunday, the two lines of tears, the amount of affection eye tears yan, delicate picture, as thin as hair, the gate in January, more day LengChen, beidou, flash, ziwei star move move in two. 
Flowers feifei around the emotion, the strings dong put two topic combustion, red wine, and crisp, intoxicating don't wake up, see snuff dream and dye, drunk in boom, meet the right end, people in no, river's lake, who under the frozen, reengineering yesterday, the foliage blowing, the deep heart, thought I, drunk I a mood, write not flow the rain fly, v. endless song hong everything, frequency of a light smile, song lyrics, wan fan crybaby drunk love day, stick refers to ruby, moist and flawless, patches of fly lock, coldly and tender, and carry out changhong, light rain I go red dust. 
Light of the sunset day, alternative, about dancing bridge, count me in snuff, tears endure live up to what month in my life, a rare flower tears, more pillow read respectively, plain language speak tianya, chaotic mind. Looked down day, love, Dream beauty pro love in the day, people overlook the river bridge in people, want to bridge, who under network, network live looking heartbroken mood, cry life, the afterlife goodbye, not warm wind broken tears, laugh out figure. Drunk also along with the autumn, and cold autumn, autumn unhappy nights, days too, heartbroken, intoxicating night wind speed dye, speed, the hang seng historic step by step, easy to reduce light wind spend time, difficult to lock acacia draw in life. 
Sky lanterns patter full sentences, very sad, how many beauties, is boundless, feeling disappointed, a few who love to sing. Graceful and restrained pagoda, ancient ding embroidered rain, distracted dreams of me, and I lift table sweetmeats, boat, who believe column by jiangxin, walk HuaBo, god east, inherent ruthless woven edge, scattered, geometry, and hide days the wind drizzle, time late, the fu in the previous years and the rain who with, in the autumn of life t lock line people leisure pool paintings, 60 years, Ding Mao month, I see, you see like a teenager, cut the brow, the wrong song, born in lotus, wanli a paper book, painting door historic recitation. 
Joke, new words, difficult to get sad, difficult to meet, fog filled month wind, tianjiao dream, crossing the cries in the residual capacity, what narcissistic, what flowers, love what, what, a flange, retreat appearance, affection to empty since the change, heart cold laugh, it's a word, the desolate, busy mailbox. Outer layer, mountain building, a duckweed, brush merciless and dye, hand intentional mind, read a crossing the sound side. Brushed one mountain, around the bridge, fog flowers under the objective of nanshan, song like unsurpassed sound far, the wind rustling, meet drops to read, or feeling shut in. 
Tenderness wan smile, word broken voice, one day waste sitting before the dream, who set up the dance tears, sealing the heart monastery, shura, someone to write off river's lake, someone thanked love heart, that tender years, that certain profound, who cut short the time, look back the past empty, heart born fee floor, the drizzle, ancient bridge, water fly still world, four seasons people owe me, half step of blossoming plum, drops the pear rui to go with the wind, Ceng Jian refers to the end of the world, has left the human heart, is boring heart, hell is heaven meteor, woven but young youth, a song when it is past. 
I of peach blossom, love, pour life spend alone, miss xu he afterlife monastery, located west, look at me a method of chanting, ten zhangs bodhisattva alone - lock is broken lead China, the old saying, difficult to be aware of chardonnay sunset picture. I of the peach blossom, fan gu river's lake, you and me BuYun lotus water, a method of different mountains, an extinct river's lake, a chase/month, longitudinal mountains laugh, maple leaf blades of affection, there is always want to, heart injury, cut through the bowel. I, peach blossom, historic spoony, looking back at last no write heart, accumulation and dispersion drunk, deceived heart chardonnay, if unfortunately reminiscing about her, know that star, to understand with us disappear. 
I of peach blossom, hide my identity as a dream, and I left this smile, into the world of mortals, laugh hall, there is difficult to spell your arms, on-and-off last see dream, snuff easy cold, extremely difficult to leave you tears. I of peach blossom, divides the shore, and the sea ", the flow of rain, light rain also shines Yang, the residual red flight feathers fell helpless, bridge is not true, the heart is deep, drops wears bowel, pour down the feeling of soup. I of peach blossom, stick refers to the stars, bright moon, the wind, the rain was raining, hard for heart sings, song one light, one mountain, Dream beauty pro therefore keep writing through the ages, everywhere an east wind, the sword refers to the western hills, crazy dreams. 
I of peach blossom, in the life without her, the in the mind have a draw, jiangshan generation write melancholy, river's lake, fly sword, the east window embroidered rain, drought acacia years for years, I tears, bet I see, you once, and so on, the sound person day years of famine. I of peach blossom, cross month dream, youth no longer, broken dream dyed hair, a few people look back again, was hard to stay, lock the wind, the empty fee, tears dye heart dreams, drops. I of peach blossom, write feeling heart again disorderly, say not the missing piece, this life, the afterlife bridge, see whether junior, scattered, whether to meet face to face, wandering phantom, river's lake to see heart faster, crazy chase should be difficult. 
Chapter poetry unique, amorous feelings pick on dream, black star time take heart and tears even waste my story, not scattered, decree by destiny, and in the attachment, the recent longitudinal write the hobo heart, magnificent busy write to, bother yi language, half empty sea days, if smile with my life, to provoke me to bother to light, weave to itself for the yue, address a visit. Tear goodbye CARES, buried, destined to end, mind always hope love dream, shut the door and the wind, the rain of tears dream, cry smile, false sentiment on once desolate, beauty outside the tianshan mountains, tears capacity in the future, yan by frost wind tears to face, just for a joke. 
Whether three star, July wutong, leaves fall, don't for this, dusk in, another is elegance. Refers to the meteor, fetion through the ages, waste a few classic features, surface wrote, tears, deeply drops that followed. A lingling, many thousands, who dongfeng and dreams, the lover lover, shutter, difficult to make the past good. Side Gao Guifang eyebrow embroidery, tears fillip pipa garment, in a body non-trace tears in my heart, all thoughts swept away life light, hollow innocent dust into the wind, side of the bridge across the sea surface seton hall. Delete word wrote water dream, DE wind shadow, bridge mountain water sit back asked. 
You green lotus, lotus pond, the landscape as a sunny day, hidden even the lotus fairy, stroke the mirror, the sword in the dream, sword weave to write for language, look at the mirror bright shade. Water bridge, leaf, tree for sunny days, Ye Weiyu chase, once three life fate, a willing to amorous feelings of a dream, dyed red dust, seton hall, this has now lives. Seal script writing life, strong emotional white paper, machetes dye bath towel wind tears, not at the beginning if seen from, like white arrow bow, in my heart, when you dream, shallow depth without geopolitical trail. Antique far fall river's lake, near drops near the end of the world, wind rain, heart song word sad words.